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Solid copy writing is a key component to a successful website. Whether you’re starting your website from scratch or simply looking to refresh, I can provide the impactful copy writing that you need. The example on the left was a complete, starting from scratch website I worked on in the spring of 2014; the example on the right was a copy refresh to an existing website that I worked on in the spring of 2013. Please click on the image to view the websites

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Ghost blogging

Over the years, I’ve ghost blogged for half a dozen companies on a regular basis. In each case, I work with the client to develop an editorial calendar and then interview the main contact before writing each post to get their thoughts and input. Below are two recent samples.

 blog-esolar-February  Barry-blog-image


Annual Reports

This 2011 annual report for ACCES Employment showcased employers who are leading the way. I was the copywriter on this project and interviewed eight employers and eight recently hired employees at those companies prior to writing their stories. I also spent about an hour talking to the executive director before writing her Leadership Message.

Click here to view the entire report in pdf or, for a sample, click on the images below.


This 2010 annual report for Fred Victor profiled several people with deep connections to the organization. I was the principal copywriter on this project and interviewed each subject, in person, prior to writing their stories.

Click here to view the entire report in pdf or, for a sample, click on the images below.



Along with a revamped website (above), Houston Murphy also required a four-page marketing brochure in 2010 to highlight and showcase their services. This was a new product for their business, and I was the primary writer.


Distributing cancer information brochures is a big part of how the Canadian Cancer Society reaches people affected by cancer. Over the years, I have written and edited many of these important brochures. In the 2010 sample below, I worked on the editorial outlines, researched the topics and wrote all of the copy.



E-newsletters are often an integral part of an organization’s marketing strategy. Below are two samples from 2012 in which I was the primary writer.

 HRoD-screengrab  Integrys-screengrab


 Not-for-profit impact pieces

Not-for-profit organizations often need compelling human interest stories to raise their profile and inspire others to join them or support their revenue development initiatives. Over the years, I’ve interviewed dozens of people and told their stories. Below are several recent examples.

1Lottery screengrab

Copy Editing & Proofreading

As the heading says, I didn’t write these pieces — instead I was the copy editor charged with taking the complex text written by subject-matter experts and ensuring that it was easily understood and accessible to all audiences. Click on the images to view the final products.

 Project Aspiro logo  ESA-screengrab

 Other works

In 2007, I helped produce a research booklet for the Canadian Cancer Society. This booklet was written for the research community, donors and other interested parties. It featured one survivor story, cancer research statistics and in-depth stories about current research projects. I was the primary writer.

Breaking Through: The Power of Research 

As an intern reporter at Dow Jones Newswire, I wrote in-depth profiles of many TSX-listed companies. After these articles were published on the wire, some were picked up by national and international newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal and the National Post.

The Wall Street Journal: Communication Systems International

National Post: Technilab Pharma Inc.

As a reporter and later an editor at several different media organizations, I spent much of my time working on breaking and daily news stories. However, I occasionally wrote in-depth features that required research and interviews with multiple sources. Here are two examples from two different publications.

canada.com – Canada Looks Good To Go

Toronto Star – Students Abroad