Deborah Evans

My freelance writing and editing career began in 2009 after a five-year stint in the not-for-profit world in Marketing and Communications. Before that, I toiled away as a general assignment reporter and as a freelancer at various print and online news organizations.  During those years, I was published in the Toronto Star, The Wall Street Journal, the National Post and The Globe and Mail.

What did these two careers teach me? To become an expert on a variety of subjects in a short period of time and to cut through the jargon and smooth out the details to create easy-to-understand copy.

Copy writing isn’t about using fancy words. And it isn’t about using a lot of words. It’s about me understanding you and using the right words to get your message heard.

I used to say that when I wasn’t writing you could find me at the local playground with my two young kids – but now that they’re growing up, you’re more likely to find me sitting in a cold hockey rink at 7 a.m. on a Saturday morning. Or else, you’ll find me running away from them as I train for my next race.

Client Testimonials

Deborah has done a stellar job writing websites and newsletters, as well as interacting with clients. She matches her writing style with customer sensibilities, always with professional results.

We always have tight timelines to get all the marketing materials ready for print before each lottery launch. Deb pitched in and gave us great stories with very little lead time. I also had a number of positive comments back from the winners she interviewed, they really warmed up to her and felt comfortable sharing their stories.

I hired Deborah to edit content for a website I was launching. She did an excellent job. The content was complex but she was able to make it much more accessible for a web-based audience. She works fast, delivers on time, and is a pleasure to work with.

I’ve hired Deborah for several projects over the last two years. She has become my go-to writer and editor. She identifies the voice required for an assignment and hits the right tone every time. Deborah continues to impress me with her ability to produce excellent work under extreme conditions. It’s always a pleasure to have her on our team.

Deborah contributed to a major report I recently presented to City Council, by copy-editing a workable draft, and turning it into a well-written and professional report. Not only did she save me many hours of editing – time that I was then able to devote to other important tasks – her work also took the report from good to great. In fact, at the Council meeting where the report was unanimously approved, our Mayor publicly remarked that he was “delighted” that the report was “largely developed using internal resources, and to such a high standard.


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